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PDF Batch Print Helper

By PDF Batch Print Helper, printing PDF files to selected printer device continuously is reachable.PDF Batch Print
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7 December 2011

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This is a batch printer for PDF files.

PDF Batch Print Helper is a software application that helps print PDF in a batch. It allows you to print PDF files in batch. The process is simple. You can view the added PDF files, the accessible printers, properties of each of the printers, the progress of the printing batch. Going with the default settings you can manage the process in just couple of steps; crate the batch list by simply dragging the files you want to print and then click start. Layout can be chosen. This provides three options including auto-rotate, landscape and portrait. The interface is quite intuitive and simple to use. No particular skill will be required of the user as long as he/she knows how to use the computer. You can start with the defaults and then graduate to tweaking settings as you gain experience. Settings pop ups will be useful.

When selecting a proper printer, and set printer properties there are four steps involved. You create the batch of files with drag & drop or through the integrated explorer like interface. Then comes the printer settings. Click on the Printer Setting button to open the Print PDF dialog box. You can select the proper printer from the list. On clicking the printer setting button again lets you select the other settings specific to the printer selected. These include page orientation, select tray, scale the page, set page quality and select the advanced printer properties in the Print PDF dialog box. Page ranges can be selected rather than the full document. This is a good product, has useful features and could be handy in the areas mentioned above.

Publisher's description

PDF Batch Print Helper is a professional software application which can help print PDF in batch. You can use PDF Batch Print Helper to control the printer when you want to print multiple PDF files.
PDF Batch Print Helper features:
1.Allow you to print PDF files in batch.
2.Support owner password protected PDF files.
3.Support paper orientation setting. Three options are provided: auto rotate, landscape and portrait.
4.Support page range selection. Printing the entire PDF file or just part of it can be set as you need.
5.Support advanced setting. The content of the interface will change according to the change of the selected printer.
6.Support printing quality setting.
7.Support page scaling mode selection. You can change page size by selecting option in the drop-down list box.
PDF Batch Print Helper
PDF Batch Print Helper
Version v2.0
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